The Life Center

The Life Center Private Fitness Facility and Yoga Studios opened December 2009 in Detroit. The Life Center is a Personal Training gym where we train 1 up to 4 people at a time. Everyone gets personally trained. Our goal is to help you reach your goal in a fun, safe and effective result driven way. Our style of training is “Functional Training” where we perform many forms of popular and innovative exercises with emphasis on light weight and high repetitions. The Life Center’s workouts offer movements that tone, cut allow you to lose weight with emphasis on abs, glutes and arms while training the full body.

The Life Center also offer “Christ Centered Yoga”, “Seated Yoga”, and is a certified TRX Training gym among other workout programs.

To Join the Life Center, you must first come for an assessments where we take your height, weight, blood pressure, measurements, BMI & Body fat percentage, and that way we know how to train you.

Working out at the Life Center… Where you get results!!