Blog Piece 1 – January 8th, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!! Happy Sweet 2016!


1. Invest in yourself- by signing up with a gym and/or personal trainer. Some say they cannot afford a personal trainer. If you buy clothes weekly or get your hair done every 1-2 weeks, then you can afford a personal trainer. For all my ladies– your health and embracing your beautiful, tight body is more important than being overweight, squeezing into clothes too tight and buying weaves that cost too much. Being in that position will only make you insecure and depressed. Gentlemen—if you are buying new sneakers every other week, you can afford a personal trainer. Reset your budget and spend less on clothes and hair and get a personal trainer and/or join a gym. Make sure that the trainer is certified and has at least 2 years of experience personal training.

If you truly cannot afford a personal trainer or a gym, then get on your treadmill or bike and walk or ride for 20-30 minutes 3-5 times a week and immediately stretch when finished if you are a beginner. If you already workout then you should be doing 30 minutes to 1 hour of cardio 3-5 times a week. Check out workout programs for beginners on cable or purchase “Workout & Worship” 8 Steps to physical and Spiritual health by yours truly Lazet Michaels Boatmon or get the DVD, “Working out with Lazet” on our website at or

2. Go grocery shopping- Make sure you buy food low in saturated fat. No diet food or drinks. Diet food can make you fat and bloated because it contains unnatural ingredients. It’s made up of many chemicals. It’s not real food. Real food is your medicine. Eat at least one salad and at least 2 pieces of fruit every day (eat as much fruit as you want except, not more than 1 banana a day and not more than a hand full of grapes). Avoid pork and beef which is very high in saturated fat and concentrate on chicken, fish and turkey which is low in saturated fat, if you want to lose weight. Make sure to watch your carbohydrates by eating only 1 slice of bread a day. Do not try to avoid bread because bread is brain and energy food. You need it.

3. Drink water – Drink at least half of your body weight in fluid ounces. Keep a bottle of water on your desk or in your car. Our bodies are 75% water and ourbrains are 85% water. We need water. It hydrates us, gives us energy, heal us and help us to lose weight. Sometimes we get the message from our brain that we are hungry when realisticly we are just thirsty.

4. Stay focused on your workout program. When you wake up in the morning don’t ask your self if you want to workout. The answer will always be no. Just have your clothes ready, put them on and show up. After your workout, you will always be glad you did. Working out makes you feel a great sense of accomplishment. It makes you feel that natural high (endorphins) so you don’t have to get high. It helps you to lose weight, tone up, fight diseases and look better each year you get older. HAPPY 2016!!!If you need a place to personal train or work out, join us at the LIFE CENTER DETROIT!!! This is the best time to start your workout. In April and May after four months of consistency you could lose 2-3 pounds a week in a healthy manner. On the low side, 8 pounds a month and 32 pounds in 4 months. If you have no weight to lose but want to tone and strengthen, then you will be Swimsuit ready by the warm months!

Congratulations!!! I am looking forward to your progress!!! Please call us with any questions you may have!! We want all of our family and friends to live a long, healthy and prosperous life!!! Working out with Lazet… Where you get results!!! Love you!!

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