About Lazet Michaels Boatmon- Pelzer

  Lazet Michaels Boatmon-Pelzer is an Exercise, Health and Wellness Advocate, 19 year certified fitness professional, CEO of the Life Center Private Fitness Facility & Yoga Studios, Author of the book “Workout & Worship” 8 Steps to Physical and Spiritual Health, Executive producer of the TV show “Working out with Lazet” and Dvd’s. Lazet was raised in Detroit, graduated Cass Technical High School and Wayne State University.  Lazet is currently a Christian Music artist with a past of being an R&B pop artist in NY for record labels, Sire/Warner Bros., Zoo/BMG, EMI and Republic UK. Lazet is also CEO of the “Working out with Lazet” foundation which has the programs the ‘Healthy Church Tour” (501C3) and “Get Fit for Prom… Get Fit for Life” a 6 week Exercise, Health and Wellness program designed for the Church & community, and for high school graduating students. Both programs are designed to give you all of the information that you need to live a long, healthy and prosperous life. Our Mission Statement:  “Creating a healthy community, by connecting the body and spirit through exercise, health and wellness”. Light_10K_SB_ALUMNI-1